468, 000 Canada Job vacancies reported by Canadian employers in Q3 -2017, 15%+ over 2016

468, 000 Canada Job Vacancies were reported by Canadian employers in Q3 -2017, which was 15%+ over 2016. It implies addition of 62, 000 jobs when compared with Q3-2016, said Statistics Canada. Earlier a report was also released by the Federation of Independent Business in Canada. It revealed that Canadian job vacancies in Q3-2017 were the highest in last 10 years.

Out of 10 broad job categories of Statistics Canada, job vacancies increased in 7 job categories in Q3-2017. This was in comparison with the same quarter in 2016. The job categories with the highest increase were Sales and service, Equipment operators, Transport, and Trades.

In a Q3-2017 permanent job, positions accounted for 80.2% of the total 468, 000 Canada Job vacancies reported by Canadian employers. This was revealed by Statistics Canada, as quoted by the CIC News.
Q3 was the 4th successive quarter that witnessed year after year increase. This was for both job vacancy rate and a number of job vacancies. Job vacancy ra…

Women aged 25 and above can enter Saudi Arabia unaccompanied

A spokesman for the SCTH (Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage) said henceforth, women aged 25 and above can enter Saudi Arabia alone as they would be granted a tourist visa.

Omar Al-Mubarak, the commission’s licensing department director general, was quoted by Arab News as saying that they would be granted a single-entry visa, which would be valid for up to 30 days. This new visa, which has been added by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is distinct from the Visit, Work, Umrah and Hajj visas.

It was recently stated by the SCTH that they would announce the commencement of granting visas in the first quarter of 2018. Al-Mubarak told the news daily that they had completed drafting executive rules for these visas.

An electronic system is currently being developed by the IT department of the commission for the granting of Tourist Visas in coordination with representatives of the Foreign Ministry and the National Information Center. The country’s trial period of carrying out the …

For Immigrants Dependent Children the best destination is Canada, reveals Government report

For Immigrants Dependent Children the best destination is Canada as revealed by the Government report. Immigrants in Canada can also look forward to best economic and educational outcomes for their children. This is the revelation of the report of government report by Garnett Picot. He is an expert on inequality in earnings and economic assimilation of immigrants at Queen University School of Policy Studies.

The report is titled ‘Labor Market and Educational Outcomes of Immigrants Children: Success to be preserved’. It highlights the fact that Immigrants Dependent Children enjoy major economic and educational successes in Canada, a unique achievement for the nation. Then, both immigrants and immigration are considered to be positive by Canadians. Both these successes are not evident to any other nation including EU nations and even the US, as quoted by the Immigration CA.
Much of the successes stories for Immigration in Canada are due to the fact that Immigrants Dependent Children en…

Tips for traveling overseas with a non-UK partner in the post-Brexit scenario

If you are traveling overseas with a non-UK partner, there are certain regulations that you must be aware of. This will help you through clearances at customs and a memorable journey as well for you and your partner.

You can travel together along with the non-UK partner as long as one of the travelers has a passport to the UK or the European Union even if it is a young child. In case you are married, you must join the line for –EU arrivals’. The policy at the borders of the UK is not to divide families. Nevertheless, it is crucial for the non-EU national to complete a card for landing and obtain the accurate passport.

If it is not possible for you to be united at the UK/European Economic Area line, one of you will be required to wait for the other. In case both the partners intend to remain together it is advisable joining the queue for all passports that is slower.

You will also find that the immigration officers have certain queries to be clarified. This could include your travel d…

Ontario that welcomes more than 100000 overseas immigrants per year changes immigration rules

Ontario province in Canada that welcomes more than 100000 overseas immigrants per year has now implemented changes to immigration rules. This is through the implementation of Immigration Act Ontario 2015 that has come in to effect from 1 January 2018. It lays the legislative outline for the latest Ontario migration nomination program.

The act offers the approval of Ontario legislature for the creation of:

Registration of employers in Ontario and recruiters who are qualified to offer jobs and offer hiring services to overseas nationals
Programs for Integration and Settlement
Regulated programs for selection that includes criterions pertaining to provisional and permanent migration to the province
Investigations, Inspections, administrative, offenses and other fines
The legislative changes are aimed at enhancing the accountability, consistency, and transparency of the OINP launched in 2007. It has since then become a favored choice for Overseas Nationals who seek to work or immigrate t…

Applications now open for 2018 Canada Summer Jobs offered by Government of Canada

Applications have now opened for 2018 Canada Summer Jobs that are offered by the Government of Canada. This is an initiative by the government to assist students to identify paid jobs throughout the summer season.

Canada Summer Jobs program offers wage subvention for employers enabling them to provide jobs to Post-secondary and Secondary students. It is also beneficial to organizations and local communities as well.

The Canada Summer Jobs program is an exceptional opportunity for students. It offers them the chance to gain experience that they would not have availed normally. This is also an opportunity to gain sensible jobs aligned with their own fields and interests.

The website of Canadian government states that Summer Jobs offers to fund to not-for-profit organizations and public sector firms. It is also available for SMEs with less than 50 full-time workers. This initiative offers summer jobs to youth at the age of 30 and 15 years. These must be full-time students. They must als…

1.5 million Queries for Australian visa and immigration will be handled by DATACOM annually for DHA

The call center services for Australian visa and immigration for Department of Home Affairs has been outsourced to DATACOM. The multinational company will be paid by DHA to handle 1.5 million queries for Australian visa and immigration in the latest privatization of crucial government services. The Sydney based operation will be replaced by the Adelaide-based call center of DATACOM.

DATACOM, as it is, has crucial business from the Government of Australia. It offers customer support services to the Taxation Department of Australia. It has created a Virtual Assistant for the agency of the government that handles intellectual property and patents.

The objective of the government is to reduce wait times and enhance information access. This is with respect to queries for Australian visa and immigration, as quoted by the Guardian.

Jonathan Ladd the Chief Executive of DATACOM said that the firm had undergone painstaking process of procurement to obtain the contract. This demonstrates the in…