Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Tips for traveling overseas with a non-UK partner in the post-Brexit scenario

If you are traveling overseas with a non-UK partner, there are certain regulations that you must be aware of. This will help you through clearances at customs and a memorable journey as well for you and your partner.

You can travel together along with the non-UK partner as long as one of the travelers has a passport to the UK or the European Union even if it is a young child. In case you are married, you must join the line for –EU arrivals’. The policy at the borders of the UK is not to divide families. Nevertheless, it is crucial for the non-EU national to complete a card for landing and obtain the accurate passport.

If it is not possible for you to be united at the UK/European Economic Area line, one of you will be required to wait for the other. In case both the partners intend to remain together it is advisable joining the queue for all passports that is slower.

You will also find that the immigration officers have certain queries to be clarified. This could include your travel destinations, the time duration etc. It may also be required to give proof of the residence or the appropriate visa, as quoted by the Telegraph Co UK.

You must keep open the passport facing the page of the photo. It must also be ensured that any non-EU national who is accompanying you have filled the card for landing for sure without fail.

In case if you are not married, it will be required to join two individual lines. If you are neither family members nor partners, the also you will be required to join separate queues.
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