Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Overseas migrant workers with education in Canada earn more salaries reveals report

Overseas migrant workers with education in Canada earn more salaries as revealed by the latest report of Statistics Canada. This was also true for Migrant Workers with work experience in Canada. The Study in Canada can thus enhance your prospects for a lucrative international career like never before!

The report also revealed that overall migrants who Study Overseas in nations such as Canada earned more in the long term. This was in comparison with migrants who had their education in the home nation, as quoted by the Canadim.

Overseas Students obtain eligibility for immigration only after they have reputed career and few years of occupational experience. The work experience translates into high salaries upon immigration. This was in comparison with Overseas Students who start their career normally immediately after completing graduation.

Overseas Migrant Workers with education in Canada, proficiency in language and work experience in Canada incurs them high salaries when compared with workers educated in their home nations. The single most factors that indicated monetary success over the long period was their earnings while being employed in Canada.

The report of Statistics Canada also analyzed the earnings of former Overseas Students. This was in comparison with migrants who had studied at their home nation and those who were born in Canada. The work history in Canada was identified as the single most factor differentiating disparity in wages.

Aspects such as proficiency in the language and social networks also make a huge difference to the earnings. Being born in Canada or having studied in Canada makes a huge difference to this.

Overseas Students in Canada must first prioritize obtaining a job in their field of study. Networking with stakeholders in your respective field and working towards Work Permit upon completion of graduation can set you on the pathway to a successful and lucrative career.

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