Sunday, 14 January 2018

Recent Immigrants including Canadians are the most educated in the world reveals 2016 Census

Recent Immigrants including Canadians are the most educated in the world as revealed by the 2016 Census of Statistics Canada. The report throws fresh light on the manner in which Canadians live, study, and work.

The study by Statistics Canada demonstrates that the workforce in Canada is heavily depending on recent immigrants who are well educated. They also enjoy rates of employment that are broadly on the par with the national average, as quoted by the Globe and Mail.

It has been observed by Statistics Canada that immigration is a crucial aspect of the strategy by Canada to offset the effect of aging population. It otherwise threatens to decrease in the pool of workers and shortages of labor.

The study of Statistics Canada for 2016 Census offers an in-depth analysis of the Canadian labor market. This provides priceless data to the decision-makers in the government and residents in Canada looking to align their skills with in-demand jobs.
The report reveals that highest proportion of college graduates amongst the developed nations is in Canada. This is also because the recent immigrants arriving in Canada are mainly well educated. The % of total immigrants who possess a Master’s and Doctoral degree is more than double that of the population born in Canada.

The detailed analysis of the Canadian workforce has come even as the Government of Canada goes ahead with enhancing immigration levels. Provinces such as Ottawa and others have also endorsed policies targeting accentuated immigration levels in the recent years. The policies also aim to better the participation of low-represented groups in the workforce.

Owing to enhanced immigration, immigrants account for 24% of the labor force in 2016. This is an increase from 21% in 2006.

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