Sunday, 14 January 2018

US Judge blocks Trump’s decision to end DACA program, protects young immigrants from deportation ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsApp

A US Judge has provisionally blocked Trump’s decision to end DACA program and this protects young immigrants from deportation. The request by California and other plaintiffs to stop Trump from ending DAC program was granted by William Alsup the U.S. District Judge. They had asked for blocking the decision till the legal suits are decided by the courts.

The US District Judge said that the legal counsels in favor of the program have been successful in demonstrating that young immigrants would suffer irreparable and serious harm in absence of court action. They also have strong chances of succeeding in the trial he added, as quoted by The Hindu.

The DACA program has safeguarded around 800,000 young immigrants who arrived in the US illegally as kids. This also includes those who arrived with their families as children and overstayed their visas.

The US Judge was adjudicating over 5 individual legal suits filed in California. This included one by California, 3 by other 3 states and one more by University of California school system governing board.

Mr. Alsup wrote in his decision that everyone agreed that DACA covered a class of immigrants posing the least threat if any. It permits them to get employed in honest jobs on the condition of good conduct. The program is very crucial for those covered under it as well as their families. It is also vital for companies that have hired them, the US economy and tax treasury, he added.
The views expressed by Mr. Alsup were similar to the ones expressed in a court hearing held on 20 January 2017. In this, he had taken to task the justice Department Attorney over justifying the ending of the program.

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